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Six crates sit on the grass, each full of different vegetables and herbs including basil, squash, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Mary's Hands

Providing fresh, local, organically
grown produce at no cost to Coloradans
facing food insecurity.

Our Guiding Principles


All people are welcome


We are happy to work for and with people of all races and ethnicities, all sizes, all ages, all education levels, all backgrounds and all cultures, people of all social and economic classes, all religions, all nations of origin, all physical and mental abilities and all gender identities and expressions, people of all sexual orientations, all languages, those of any immigration status and any family status.

You are safe here

We stand with you


We seek to transfer power and dignity

We strive to grow as people, to walk a

bias-free path, to be allies, to be accessible and to be accountable.


Our clients are at the center of this effort. We recognize their

agency and impact. 


We recognize this is our ongoing journey and a series of daily choices.


We share the bounty


We believe that everyone who puts labor into this endeavor should enjoy the bounty. 

Volunteers are encouraged to take as much produce as they like at the end of the shift.


We try to take a pause in every work day to taste the food and connect over conversation. That's where the sweetness lies.


We tend the

soil first


There is an incredible web of life in the soil that makes it possible for plants to thrive.


We explore systems for preserving that web while avoiding practices that are detrimental to our environment.

We are always reviewing the sustainability of our practices with an eye on water conservation and minimal tilling.

An image of garlic recently pulled from the soil hanging in large bundles to dry.
Five huge garlic cloves ready to plant resting in the farmer's hand.

Pounds of produce shared:
2020 - 2000#
2021 - 3300#
2022 - 4000#

Join Us

Nourish our community

A salad of fresh greens and sliced radishes in a beautiful hand made bowl.
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